Set Filters...


The Set Filters menu item or corresponding button is used to set capture filters based upon TCP/IP address and/or port number. When this option is selected, the following dialog box is displayed:

The setting of capture filters is an optional process and has no affect on what other options can be run. The main purpose of capture filtering is to cut down the amount of information that is captured by restricting them to particular TCP/IP addresses and/or port numbers. In the example above this would filter to the specific address of and would further only accept packets to or from ports 80 and 8080 (HTTP and HTTP proxy). CIDR addressing is used to allow easy input of ranges. This means that the address must be followed by a slash and the number of bits comprising the subnet mask. If no slash and subnet mask are provided, DataEcho will assume a /32 bit mask. This mask is for filtering purposes only and has nothing to do with the actual subnet mask of the TCP/IP address. Each address or port must be separated by carriage returns. There is no option to filter addresses or ports by source or destination.

Note: All packets that do not meet the filtering specification are dropped and cannot be recovered at a later time.