Save Current Work Session


The Save Current Work Session menu item saves the Reconstructed Session Navigation Tree to disk. This does not save the actual sessions, but saves the navigation tree items that point to the actual session files. The tree is saved into a file in the same location as the session files.

This menu item is disabled until there is captured information that can be saved. The sessions can be saved at any time and will overwrite the previously saved information. This is useful if you have captured more information since the last save.

Note: Due to the fact that all network sessions are displayed in the Web Page, non-html code is sent to the Web control. This can cause the program to become unstable, even to the point of locking. Therefore, it is recommended that the captured session tree be saved before browsing any sessions. If the program does freeze, the session tree can be restored and browsing can be resumed.

The session navigation tree can be restored with the Load Previous Work Session menu item.

Warning: Once the session tree has been saved, moving the session file to another location will break the links between the session tree and the session files. If you want to store the information in another location for backup purposes, restore the files to their original location before trying to load the session information back into DataEcho.