Load Previous Work Session


The Load Previous Work Session menu item loads a Reconstructed Session Navigation Tree from the disk that was previously saved with the Save Current Work Session menu item.

Toload a previously saved session tree, do the following:

     First, bring up a fresh instance of the DataEcho program.

     Second, use the Set Storage Location menu item to point to a previously stored work session.

     Third, if DataEcho detects a previously saved work session, it will enable the Load Previous Work Session menu item. Select the menu item or the associated button on the button bar to load the previously saved session.

Once the work session has been loaded, the DataEcho interface will be in the same state it was in when the work session was saved. All the session files will be viewable in the Web and Text panes. The menu item and button will be disabled and cannot be used again until the program is closed and a new instance is started.

Warning: If the directory containing the session files and saved session tree has been moved, the session tree will load, but will not be able to find the session files. If you want to store the information in another location for backup purposes, restore the files to their original location before trying to load the session information back into DataEcho. Also, to load a session that was saved onto another computer, the session directory must be placed in the same directory path as on the original computer.

Note: Due to the fact that all network sessions are displayed in the Web Page, non-html code is sent to the Web control. This can cause the program to become unstable, even to the point locking. Therefore, it is recommended that the captured session tree be saved before browsing the sessions. If the program does freeze, the session tree can be restored and browsing can be resumed.