Set Storage Location...


The Set Storage Location menu item or its corresponding button on the button bar, are used to set the location where the reconstructed session files and tree will be stored. When the item is chosen, the following dialog box will be displayed:

The default location that the dialog will open with is the My Documents directory. This directory is convenient to use, since the path name stored in the session tree will work from any My Documents directory, regardless of the actual location of the My Documents directory on any computer. This is very convenient for passing captured sessions from one computer to another for analysis. DataEcho creates a directory under the chosen location called HTTPCapture. All reconstructed session files and saved session trees will be stored in this directory. This is the directory structure that should be copied for backup purposes. Press the Save button to save the chosen location.

Note: The location must be selected before the Start capture menu item will be enabled.

Note: If the HTTPCapture directory already exists in the chosen location, DataEcho will check the directory for a saved session tree. If there is a saved tree, the Load Previous Work Session menu item and button will be enabled. It is recommended to load the previous session before trying to capture more information. Otherwise, the menu item will be disabled when a new capture session is started and the saved session will be unavailable.